Who we are

Cooperlimao since 2016

The Urupês Lime Growers Cooperative was created on June 22, 2016 with more than 20 members. The foundation took place from the moment when the members, through commom interests, voluntarily joined together in order to streamline the product arrival up to the final costumer.

The first challenge of the cooperation was to organize the fruit commercialization. Structured on an ethical basis, the cooperative began the process of gaining new customers, employees and partners. In search of good commercialization in the market, it assumed all the risks and benefits of the activities in a cooperative.

Distinguishing itself from other organizations, with basic principles – among them, solidarity, equity, freedom and, above all, teamwork -, today the lime cooperative has more than 30 members. All of them certified in good practices and pulverization control, which ensures a product of extreme quality, origin and total traceability.

This effort, coupled with the good marketing process, ensures that the lime reaches the final consumer fresher.


To be cooperative is to believe that nobody loses when everyone wins, it is to seek their own benefits while contributing to the whole. To be, above all, excellence in quality.

To be a reference company, recognized as the best option by customers, employees, suppliers and members, due to the quality of our products and relationship.



Customer satisfaction: he is the reason for the existence of any business.
Valuing and respecting people: people are the great differential that makes everything possible.
Dedication to work: together, our brand is much stronger and full of quality.
Social responsibility: it is the only way to grow in a more just society.
Respect for the Environment: this is what gives us the perspective of tomorrow.


Cooperativism is a social and economic movement that is based on the cooperation of associates in economic activities.

I. to subscribe and to pay the capital shares and contribute with the service fees and operational charges that are established;

II. comply with the provisions of the legislation in force, as well as the resolutions of the General Meetings;

III. punctually satisfy its commitments to the cooperative, among which is to actively participate in its corporate and business life;

IV. to compete with what it has to cover the expenses of the company when the Reserve Fund is not sufficient to cover them;

V. to provide the cooperative with clarifications related to the activities that have allowed it to associate;

VI. to watch over the society moral and material patrimony;

VII. To lead to knowledge the Board of Directors and / or Audit Board aware of any irregularity that violates current legislation.